Killer Pool At The Corner Bar


Enter for a fiver! Got to be in it to win it (innit?!)

Killer Pool is a knockout tournament played at 9pm every Thursday. The winner takes all!

The rules are simple...
1) Each player starts the game with three lives.
Players then play one shot at a time, in turn.
If a ball drops, you live.
If you foul (or don't pot), you lose a life.
Three lives and you're outta here!

We also have a longstanding tradition that the lucky winner does the honourable thing straight after the game, and buys a shot for everyone that played out of his/her winnings, so everyone's a winner!

€5 to play - winner takes all!

*Many thanks to Thomas (a 'regular') for bringing the frustration of Killer Pool to our innocent little bar all those moons ago.

Cheers mate, we're all quite a lot worse off thanks to you..


Give us a call: +34 971 71 49 00

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